48px-Weather-sun-clouds-rain_svg.pngDivide the class into two teams.
Give each team the same selection of number cards and word cards for days, months and le.
Call out a date, eg lundi le 5 juin.
Each team assembles the date as quickly as possible.
The class read aloud the date.

use this doc for day, month and number cards
Organise the class into groups.
Give each group a selection of cards as above, weather symbols and items or pictures of clothing.
Read out a weather report, eg Bonjour, je m’appelle Monsieur Brown. C’est mardi le 22 avril. Voici la météo. Aujourd’hui il pleut. Quand il pleut il te faut un parapluie.
Children assemble the correct date, weather symbol and clothing.
They feed back their answers in French.
Repeat with a different weather report.

Children help to make a new weather report.
They suggest the date, day, month, weather and clothing.

In pairs or groups, children prepare their own reports.
Each group will produce a report appropriate to their level of confidence.
Children who are not confident in speaking can participate by saying single words or saying words in chorus.
Link to Sutton High School website with lots of games & activities online to practise vocabulary in this unit.
Extension: Children extend the weather report by saying the temperature.

Extension: Children use a map of France and the rhyming language from Section 1 in their reports, eg A Troyes, il fait froid.

EXTENSION Children work in groups or pairs to create a weather report for one of the French-speaking countries introduced in Unit 7. These are filmed and played to the class, who comment constructively on performances.
Children who participate in this activity could save the clip onto their personal space on a learning platform to record and celebrate their achievement.