7.3 Weather

r_181.jpgIntroduce the question Quel temps fait-il? & the weather phrases with pictures, flashcards and actions to help memorise them. You say a phrase & children mime the action; build to showing a flashcard & children say phrase & mime the action.

Ask class to listen carefully to the weather phrases and see if they can hear two that rhyme (beau & chaud).

Show children map of France on which you have marked the following places. These have been chosen because they rhyme with weather phrases: Bordeaux (beau); Pau (chaud); Troyes (froid); Beauvais (mauvais); Le Mans (vent); Lisieux (pleut); Marseille (soleil).

Weather map & poem online
Ask children to work in pairs or small groups, and give them a few minutes to see if they can work out what the weather is like in each place. (Explain that the weather phrase rhymes with the town’s name.)
Some children may need reminding that words have to end in the same sound in order for them to rhyme.

Do a clapping rhyme to practise asking and answering, eg;
Quel temps fait-il à Bordeaux? A Bordeaux, il fait chaud and so on.
Invite children to place appropriate weather symbols on the map.

Revise countries where French is spoken. Children discuss in pairs and feed back.

Play the Je vais en … game from Section 2 to revise the countries.

Look at some images of the francophone countries on the interactive whiteboard. Comment on what the weather is like, eg En Belgique, il pleut.

Distribute cards containing the name of a country and a picture of the weather, eg En Guyane, il fait chaud.
Children produce combinations of sentences such as En France, il fait froid, il pleut.

Extension: Children cut out pictures from travel brochures and make collages of one of the four francophone countries.
Say what the weather is like in some francophone countries
Zoomable worldmap of French-speaking countries (La Francophonie)
Orchard Junior school invited Georgie Palmer to come and do the weather at their school - in French!
Well, she did and you can see the results of their day here on the BBC video clip.
This unit links to weather around the world - Geography - click here for video clip