8.5 Expressing Preferences

  • On the board, draw a large television screen with on/off buttons.
  • Ask a child to ‘turn on’ the television by pressing the button.
  • Act out an advertisement for one of the toys from the previous sessions. For example, hold up a series of items, saying C’est nul! and looking disappointed.
  • Then hold up a football and sing the C’est magnifique song.
  • Alternatively, have a pre-prepared advertisement on the board that you read out to children.
http://www.momes.net/jeuxjouets.html or http://www.perenoel.com/jouets/ or http://www.joueclub.com/
  • Play a drama game.
  • Introduce phrases for opinions to children by holding an object and saying, for example, C’est super!
  • Children echo and practise saying these phrases.
  • Hold ‘auditions’ to find children who can express their opinions with feeling.
  • Extension: Children make up their own advertisements in groups.
click here for a selection of games to practise/learn toys
  • Set up a ‘shop’, either on the board or a table, with items and prices.
  • Model vocabulary by saying Je n’ai pas de poupée. Je voudrais une poupée (I don’t have a doll. I would like a doll).
  • Children listen and repeat each time.
  • Extension: Children create role-plays by using the question C’est combien? and answering with C’est ... euros.

  • Display the phrase Je voudrais on the board.
  • Invite the class to chant Je voudrais and, on each repetition, rub out a letter in Je voudrais.
  • Repeat.
  • Play Le Pendu (Hangman) to see if children can spell the word correctly.

  • Play Cadeau Musical (Pass the Parcel) by passing a bag containing six toys around a circle to music.
  • When the music stops, the child holding the bag says Je n’ai pas de ... Je voudrais + one of the items and finds that toy in the bag.
  • Some children can hold up an appropriate picture card when they say Je voudrais.

  • Play Kim’s Game by giving children one minute to look at a range of toys or pictures displayed, eg two footballs, three peluches, etc.
  • Cover the objects and ask children to say what they remember, saying Je voudrais + the toy.
  • Hand out the items to some children and get them back by saying Je voudrais + the toy.

  • Play a variation of Grandmother Went to Market. Pour Noel je voudrais... (for Christmas I would like...):
  • The first child says, for example, Je voudrais une peluche, the second says Je voudrais une peluche et un football and so on.
  • Some children may need picture clues to support them with this game.