8.6 Je voudrais & toy advert

  • Play Pass the Parcel using a bag containing the letters to spell Je voudrais.
  • When the music stops, the child holding the bag takes out a letter and places it in the middle of the circle or on the board.
  • Repeat, until the phrase has been built up.

  • Extension: Children close their eyes and you remove a letter – which one is missing?
click here for a selection of games to practise/learn toys
  • Explain to children that, in the next lesson, they will perform a radio or TV advertisement to persuade the audience to buy one of the toys from this unit.
  • Props and costumes may be used.

  • Remind children of the language taught earlier in this unit then give them time in their groups to plan their advertisement.
  • Children should work in mixed-ability groups.
  • Puppets may be used to help any children lacking in confidence.
Link to Sutton High School with lots of online games & activities to practise vocabulary in this unit

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