Unit 8 On y va (Pocket Money)

    • Expressing likes and dislikes (about food and toys)
    • Justification of opinions
    • Numbers 21–39
    • Simple prices
    • C’est + adjective
    • avoir: negative je n'ai pas de
    • Phonic focus: revision of nasal sounds in

I'll be honest with you - in my humble opinion this is NOT a great unit in its' entirety, however the numbers section and certain games for practising 'Je voudrais' are good in isolation... Also if you try to link the theme with Christmas rather than birthdays that seems to work a little better....

8.1 Toys
8.2 Likes & Dislikes
8.3 Numbers to 39
8.4 Birthday Presents
8.5 Expressing Preferences
8.6 Je voudrais & toy advert
Download overview of unit as a pdf: Click to see the vocabulary from unit 8