Revise known weather phrases and introduce il neige, il gèle

(see 7.3 weather for earlier suggested teaching sequences)

BBC Online French Weather Introduction
or use this ppt with embedded sound (errors uploading this at present please check back later)
Play Montrez-moi:
  • Each child makes or is given a set of cards with weather symbols.
  • On the instruction Montrez-moi – il fait beau (for example) they find the correct card and hold it in the air
Flashcards to print and laminate to introduce and practise the weather in French. You might wish to hide the words in order to play games with the flashcards, or just slice them off the bottom. But remember to show the words to the children at some point and go through unusual graphemes with them, from Year 3 onwards as they are expected to be able to write them from memory by Year 6
Play Trouvez l’image:
  • Invite two children to the front.
  • Attach weather pictures or flashcards to the board within easy reach.
  • Call out a weather phrase and children race to see who can touch the correct picture first.
  • The winner stays at the board to have another turn

Link to Talkabout Languages Blogpost with resources & activities for teaching weather in french to KS2
Play Qu’est-ce qu‘il te faut? (What Do You Need?):
  • Display a selection of clothing and props to match weather phrases, eg gloves, sunglasses, umbrella, etc.
  • Invite children to come to the front.
  • Call out a weather phrase.
  • Children select an appropriate prop or item of clothing.
InteractiveWhiteboard French weather map
Play Pass the Phrase:
  • Organise children into teams of about six.
  • Teams stand in lines.
  • Whisper a different weather phrase to player one in each team.
  • On the signal un, deux, trois, player one traces the appropriate weather symbol on the back of player two.
  • The phrase is passed from back to back all the way along the line.
  • When the last player receives the phrase, the team sits down.

  • When all teams are sitting down, ask player six from each team to say their phrase out loud.
This chart can be printed out, laminated and used as a poster. The symbols can then be attached each day by class monitors as they arrive in class to show the weather.

Where appropriate, allow some children to play these games in pairs for extra support.

  • Remind children of the question Quel temps fait-il à ...? (What’s the weather like in …?) by doing the clapping rhyme introduced in Unit 7.
Video Clip of BBC's Georgie Palmer visiting Orchard Junior Sch to do a weather forecast in French
Point out Bruxelles on an outline map of Belgium and pronounce its name.
  • Ask children to think of a weather phrase that rhymes, eg il gèle. Repeat with Liège and il neige.
  • Repeat the clapping rhyme and use the new weather phrases to create two new verses.

Extension: Children make up a rap or song using the place names and weather phrases