Revise multiples of five up to 40 using a counting stick or number line.

Play Passez le Ballon with multiples of five. Pass a large ball to a child and say zéro. The child who receives the ball says cinq and passes it on. The sequence continues up to 40.
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Revise vingt-et-un and trente-et-un using a counting stick or number line.

Play Cherchez le Numéro. Place numbered tiles, balls or number flashcards up to 40 on the floor. Invite two children to stand next to them. Call out a number and children race to find it. The winner stays to have another turn.

Play Fizz Buzz with animal sounds from Unit 11. Children count around the class from zero to 40. They replace each multiple of five with a sound, eg un, deux, trois, quatre, "meuh" (moo!). When children are confident, add another animal sound for multiples of 10.Allow some children to play in pairs.Extension: Play Fizz Buzz to 40 using multiples of two. *

Learn the Le téléphone rhyme with children miming an action as if to dial the numbers.Extension: Practise higher numbers by changing those in the Le téléphone rhyme, eg 29, 31, 42, 25.*

Set up an interactive whiteboard file to present the rhyme.