Revise weather phrases using one of the activities from Section 1.
Place pictures of hot and cold places labelled with a temperature (some with negative numbers) around the room.

Use an activity from the previous session to revise numbers zero to 40.

Model how to say degrés (degrees).

Point to a picture of a hot place.
Use a thermometer or number line to count, for example, from zero to 30 degrees with children.
Say Il fait 30 degrés and mime ‘very hot’.
Repeat for some other hot places.
Link to Languages Online Weather games & activities (lots!)
Point to a picture of a cold place.
Count down with the thermometer or number line.
Stress moins before each number and stop at –10 degrees.
Say, for example, Il fait moins 5 degrés and mime ‘very cold’.

Practise saying the temperatures of the hot and cold places displayed around the room.

Read out a temperature and children point to the matching picture.
Invite a child to come out and stand next to each one as you say it.
Print out instructions to make your own weather station in French
Practise reading temperatures on a thermometer. Include some negative numbers.