Revise the temperature and weather phrases from previous sessions.
Check the day’s temperature and weather in Paris on the internet - click here
(or in a French speaking country - click here for Canada)
Explain to children that they are going to hear Aesop’s fable Le Vent et le Soleil (The Wind and the Sun).
Ask them to guess what the title might be in English and what they think the story might be about.

(Use this ppt or copy the story into an electronic presentation or the interactive whiteboard to make an electronic big book. If possible, add a recording of the text so that children can hear the story as they read it.
To make cross-curricular links to IT, you could ask children to illustrate sections of the story, scan the illustrations & incorporate them into their own ppt presentations.)
PPT version of story made by Liz Lord, Hampshire PL Consultant with embedded sound by Jo Rhys-Jones

Read the story. Ask children to join in with an action when they recognise the words le vent and le soleil.

Read the story again and ask children to join in with Je suis plus fort que toi (I am stronger than you).
Focus on the sound en/an using the words vent and manteau.
Model the sound and children repeat.
Read out a list of words from the story, including those containing the en/an sound: vent, manteau, enlever.
When children hear this sound, ask them to give a physical response.
If using an electronic version of the story, let children come to the board and highlight graphemes representing the sounds you are practising.

Distribute to pairs of children phrases or sentences from the story cut into strips.
Re-read the story and, when children hear their phrase or sentence, they wave it in the air.

Narrate the story and children act it out.

Extension: Children include some dialogue as they act out the story.