Revise weather phrases using an activity from Section 1.
Introduce items of clothing:
un manteau (coat),
un chapeau (hat),
un parapluie (umbrella),
une écharpe (scarf),
des gants (gloves),
des bottes (boots),
des lunettes de soleil (sunglasses)
Show props or draw pictures on the board as you say the words and children repeat.

ppt to intro clothes with sound

Show or point to an item and say a word.
Children say oui or non depending on whether you are correct or incorrect.
Offer alternative answers, eg C’est un chapeau ou un parapluie?
see ppt above for examples
Show or point to an item and children repeat the word.

Play Pictionary to practise the new vocabulary.
online clothes pairs game
Link weather phrases and items of clothing by modelling, for example,
Quand il pleut, il te faut un parapluie.
Children chorus and mime the sentence.
ppt to demonstrate sentences and
scaffold for children to make own

Say some sentences and children repeat if correct or say non! with thumbs down if incorrect,
eg Quand il pleut, il te faut des lunettes de soleil – non!

Make two grids on the interactive whiteboard, one containing six pictures of weather and one containing six items of clothing.
Number each item 1–6.
Load two electronic dice into the file.
Teams click on the first die and select the corresponding weather, then click on the second die and select the corresponding clothing.
They have to make a sentence as suggested in the previous activity, followed by repetition if correct or non! with thumbs down if incorrect.
Write some sentences on the board.
Children read silently, chorus and mime.

Give children in pairs some jumbled sentences on card or strips of paper to reorder.
Some children will need picture clues to support their reading.

Extension: Children write their own sentences on mini-whiteboards.
Extension: Children say the sentences in a different order, eg Il te faut un parapluie quand il pleut.
See last slide of 'Quand il pleut l te faut un parapluie' ppt