Introduce the compass points nord, sud, est, ouest. You say a direction, turning and pointing appropriately. Children watch then join in with the actions. (More confident with the words as well).
Points of Compass activity
Show children a selection of pictures of children saying how they get to school,
eg Je vais à l’école en bus (I go to school by bus).
Ask children to discuss with a partner what they think the children are saying.

PPT to introduce modes of transport to school from the TalkaboutPrimaryMFL wiki. Thanks to Sarah Ferretti.
Practise transport vocabulary through flashcard games.

Sing Je vais à l’école en bus to the tune of ‘Old MacDonald’.
Je vais a l'école en bus activity
Display the flashcards for reference and throw a ball to individual children, point to a flashcard and ask Comment vas-tu à l’école? (How do you go to school?)
Elicit the response Je vais à l’école Some children may need to give shorter answers, eg en bus.
Children can also respond using pictures or actions.
Extension: Children interview each other, asking and answering the question Comment vas-tu à l’école?

Keeping the flashcards displayed, show the written form of transport words: en bus, etc. Ask children to work in pairs to decide which phrase goes with which picture. Take feedback from the class and discuss their strategies for working out the meanings.

Smart notebook with presentation of transport vocabulary and class survey from the TalkaboutPrimaryMFL wiki. Many thanks to Sarah Ferretti.
Do a class survey on how children get to school. Ask Qui va à l’école en bus? Children respond.
Then begin asking the next question but substitute an action for the mode of transport.
Children offer suggestions and then respond to the question by a show of hands or orally.
Collect data in a tally chart on the board - count up in French.
Display the results on the interactive whiteboard to encourage class response in French.
Class survey in MS Publisher for modes of transport to school from the TalkaboutPrimaryMFL wiki. Thanks to Sarah Ferretti.
Extension: Children investigate other words for transport using bilingual dictionaries