air.gifRevise modes of transport for getting to school using flashcards
and actions.

  • Read children an invitation to a school celebration in a francophone country.
  • Discuss how you are going to get there.
Link to Francophonie countries map
  • Ask children Je peux aller en Côte d’Ivoire en bus? (Can I go to the Ivory Coast by bus?)
  • Children show thumbs up or thumbs down and say Oui or Non.
  • Introduce en train / en avion / en bateau.

PPT of Francophone countries and modes of transport
to them from the TalkaboutPrimaryMFL wiki.
Many thanks to Sarah Ferretti.
Link to making sentences activity with sound
  • Substitute claps for each of the syllables in the name of a country and ask children to complete the sentence.

  • Invite children to devise a mime for Je vais.
  • Make up some sentences using actions instead of words.
  • The class guess the sentence. Choose confident children to take the lead.

  • Working in mixed-ability groups of three, children build and act out a range of sentences, each taking one section.
  • These are presented to the class for them to ‘read the sentence’.