* Introduce the days of the week by putting these to a simple tune that children can echo and then sing with you.
Follow this link to the BBC Primary Frenchwebsite for a flash animation with the days of the week in French followed by a simple song.

PPT presentation with days of the week, with word origins, actions and a song to the tune of Fr�re Jacques.
  • Ask children to listen carefully to the days and decide which is the odd one out and why?
(Which sound can they hear at the end of each word but the beginning of dimanche? )

Create a page for i in your class word bank and add the days of the week in French, il (from the weather phrases), Ivoire and other words the children think of..
(such as voici, six, dix, dimanche, chien and Fifi).

  • Give children a jumbled-up list of the days of the week. They rearrange them in pairs, on mini-whiteboards.
jumbled up days of the week activity
  • Refer back to the sentences created in the previous session, eg Je vais en Guyane en avion.
  • With their talk partners, children whisper to each other as many sentences as they can.
  • Take some in feedback and build them on the board using word cards.
click here for making sentences activity from last lesson
click here for Three-part sentence from last lesson

  • Insert days of the week into these sentences and read them aloud,
  • eg Lundi, je vais en Guyane en bateau. (On Monday I am going to Guyana by boat.)
  • Ask children to help you translate them.
click here for making LONGER sentences activity
  • Build more sentences on the board, with the day missing.
  • Children come to the front, add a day and read aloud the sentence.

  • Children work in groups to build their own sentences.
  • They can use pre-prepared word cards or write on post-it notes.
  • Some children will need picture and word cards to help them.

  • Each group reads back to the class a sentence they have produced.
  • Children can work in mixed-ability groups and create a �voice-over�, with some children using gestures and others saying words.
  • Display sentences on the board or graffiti wall.
  • Extension: Set a challenge to see how many sentences children can build.
  • They record these, using word-processing software if appropriate.

  • Split the class into teams. Invite a child from each team to come to the board and build a sentence using word cards, in a timed challenge.