communication.jpgPupils brainstorm, with a partner, the different ways in which we communicate, eg telephone, fax, email, letters, and feed back to the class. How are these similar/different? Why might you use one instead of another?

  • Explain to children that they will be writing a simple email requesting information from a travel agent.

  • Show the class an email in French and read it through. Pupils listen and follow the text. Discuss how it begins and ends, and any similarities with the layout of an email in English.
click here for example French email
  • Do a shared writing activity in which the class compose an email stating where, how and when they are travelling. Display possible phrases on the board by either writing them up or using word cards from a
    previous session.

Possible extension activities: * Children use a writing frame to compose their own email.
  • Provide differentiated writing frames offering various levels of support.
  • Some children will need word banks with picture clues.
  • Others may want to write different sentences and experiment with language, using a bilingual dictionary.
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Useful websites and links for working out distances and routes to other countries - this links in to Geography and Maths and can be taugh entirely in English as children explore how to get to another country: