Watch Teachers TV lesson starter with the class (you'll need to fast forward to the third section)
Show class the toys catalogue (see website link) of a French department store website.
Look at the layout of the site. Discuss how the information is presented and ways in which it has been made to look attractive, eg use of colour, fonts and pictures.
Ask children to look closely at the toys & prices. What are the differences and similarities compared with England?

Focus on one page of the website. Point to various objects & say J’aime ça! (I like that) or Je n’aime pas ça! (I don't like that) with appropriate facial expressions, voice tone or gestures such as thumbs up / thumbs down. Ask children what they think you are saying. Practise as a whole class, saying the words and using appropriate gestures.
J'aime + animals ppt to support introduction of J'aime
Hold up some items or point to pictures and ask Tu aimes ça? Children reply with words and gestures.

Play Le Sac Magique (The Magic Bag). Children each make a sad & a smiley face card. You have a bag in which you have placed toys or plastic food items. Take an item from the bag. Ask Tu aimes ça? Children hold up their response cards and you choose a child to reply with J’aime ça! or Je n’aime pas ça! Some children will respond to this question using only gestures, facial expressions or by showing their response card.
(soundfile from Babelzone)