Produce some food items that are likely to provoke a strong reaction. Model by saying, with appropriate facial expression or voice tone, either J'adore ca or Je deteste ca! Some of the items could be based on the vocabulary from a previous unit (eg unit 6) so that children can see that they are re-using language in a different context.

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Show the written form of the two phrases and ask children which English phrases these look like. Ask when they would use these phrases.

Ask children what else they might say to express their feelings about food. Elicit ‘yum!’ and ‘yuck!’ Tell children the French equivalents of these: miam, miam! and berk! Ask them to guess what they mean. Practise saying the words as a whole class.

Show children a selection of real or plastic items, or pictures, and ask them to work in pairs or with a puppet to practise asking the question Tu aimes ça? responding with J’adore ça! / Je détèste ça! / miam, miam! / berk! Some children will respond to the question with only gestures, facial expressions or by showing a response card from the previous session.
Selection of games to learn names of toys
Play Pass the Word Parcel. Into a bag, put word cards for: J’aime ça! / Je n’aime pas ça! / J’adore ça! / Je détèste ça! / miam, miam! / berk! Play some French music as children, sitting in a circle, pass round the bag. When the music stops, the child holding the bag takes out one card and reads it aloud. The other children echo the word and you correct pronunciation if necessary. The word card is placed back in the bag and the game continues.