8.3 Numbers to 39

Play Read My Lips to revise numbers 1–20. You mouth a number & class say the word or write it on a mini-whiteboard.

Give children place-value cards numbered 1–9 and 20. As you say these numbers in random order, children hold up the right cards.
You can customise and print templates for place value cards from this website


and if your school approves the use of Sparklebox2 there are more place number resources here http://www.sparklebox2.co.uk/numeracy/numbers/pvalue.html
  • Display the card for the number 20 and card for the number 2 as you say vingt-deux. Ask children what they think this means. Repeat for the numbers 23–29.
soundfiles from babelzone
Now, adding a word card for et (and)show children how to make the number 21 (vingt et un) in French. Give children a word card for et and ask them to make the number.

Practise saying the sound in. Show the children the word vingt and ask them which letters make the sound in. Create a class dislay or make a page for in in a class/individual word bank and add vingt and other words the children think of, such as cinq and lapin.

soundfiles from babelzone
  • Choose two volunteers to come to the front with their cards. Say a number in French and they have to race to stick the right cards on the board.
click here for a selection of games to practise these numbers
Give children number cards for 30 and teach them how to say trente. Repeat the previous activities to practise numbers 30–39.

soundfiles from babelzone
  • Practise numbers and number patterns 0-35 using ppt adjacent.

Play Number Ping-Pong to practise numbers 1–39 (see link)
click here for Number Ping-Pong

click here for a selection of online number games in French