8.4 Birthday Presentsbirthday_icon.png

Revise Je détèste ça! J’adore ça! J’aime ça! Je n’aime pas ça! by encouraging the class to repeat these while giving an appropriate action. ‘Conduct’ the class by inviting each group in turn to respond to an action with the appropriate French phrase.

Display the department store website or pictures looked at in the previous session. Choose six items and practise the above phrases.
http://www.momes.net/jeuxjouets.html or http://www.perenoel.com/jouets/ or http://www.joueclub.com/
Sing the ‘Birthday Song’, holding up or displaying pictures of the toys and inviting children to sing along.
Ask children to think of actions for each toy and to give the action every time they hear the word.
click here for a selection of games to practise/learn toys
Display pictures of some toys with prices in euros. Ask children to rank them in order from the cheapest to the most expensive. If you have digital pictures, display them on the whiteboard and add price tags. Record the prices and assign to labels, eg une peluche (a soft toy), 7 euros, so that children can listen and match up what they hear to the object.

Ask children what they have noticed about how French prices are written. Discuss the euro and where it is used. Have children paid with euros before? Show children some examples of real or plastic euro coins, or pictures. What do they notice about them?

Display prices from €1 to €10 on the board. Point to each and say the price in French. Count up from un euro to dix euros as a class.
soundfile from Babelzone
Revise numbers 1–39 by going around the class as a Mexican Wave.

* Play Le Juste Prix (The Price is Right). Put children into teams. They guess how much each item is (the price is concealed behind a Post-it note or by using the interactive whiteboard). Ask each team, for example, Le football, c’est combien? They give their answer in French, eg 8 euros. The team closest to the price wins a point.
  • Some children can respond to the question C’est combien? by showing the price with their fingers or on a mini-whiteboard.

Extension: Children find out real prices of toys from a website, eg une peluche = €19,20.
Extension: Children look at catalogue prices and round up to a whole unit, eg €19.20 = €20.

Sing the ‘Birthday Song’, encouraging children to join in as much as possible.
soundfile from Babelzone