Thank you to all the following wonderful people and organisations for sharing their work over the internet:
  • Wikispaces - for this free platfprm to share these resources with teachers and children
  • 2Simple 2DIY software - used for the many flashgames
  • LCF Babelzone which is an excellent value subscription site but which also has some free resources
  • Enchanted Learning - some subscription, some free
  • Languagenut - subscription and generally lovely people
  • atantot - subscription and source of inspiration
  • Taskmagic - more lovely people and clever templates to make your own activities in any topic/subject
  • - lots of posters from classroom instructions to days of the week

The following teacher-resources sharing sites:

The following excellent LA and/or school sites which share their resources free:

The following wonderful individuals:

and many more that I am trying to add as fast as I can to this page...

and the many more contributers that I am adding as I go along - please do let me know if i have missed you inadvertantly (huge apologies) and...
do please add your names/links to websites to this list if you add any of your resources to this scheme!