Oracy – by end of YEAR 4 children should
× Listen to and identify words and short phrases.
× Communicate by asking and answering a wider range of questions.
× Memorise and present a short text. (eg a song or poem)

Literacy – end of Year 4
× Read and understand familiar written phrases.
× Follow a short text while listening and reading, saying some of the text.
× Read a wider range of words, phrases and sentences aloud.
× Write some familiar words and phrases without help.

ICU – by end of Year 4
× Talk about celebrations of which they have experience.
× Know about similar celebrations in other cultures. (eg.Christmas)
x Compare aspects of everyday life at home and abroad.
× Identify similarities in traditional stories, building on relevant Y2/3 NLS framework objectives

If you do not have a copy of the KS2 Framework, you can order it or download it direct from this link:

- These stickers cover all of the objectives above. The idea is to have one sheet per child and stick an objective onto their work as they complete it. You as the teacher can then tell what has or has not been acheived by what stickers are left on the sheet.