Unit 12 Quel temps fait-il? (Weather)

    • Phrases about the weather
    • How to say the temperature (including negative numbers)
    • Aesops fable 'Le Vent et le Soleil'
    • Some common articles of clothing (When it rains I wear...)
    • Revision of the date
    • Revision of numbers
    • Phonic focus: revision of nasal sounds an/en - vent, manteau...

One of my favourite units - also most activites work out of context too as revision / standalone lessons.
48px-Weather-sun-clouds-rain_svg.png12.1 Weather
10.jpg12.2 Numbers to 40
cold_day.jpg12.3 Temperature
windy_umbrella.jpg12.4 The Wind & The Sun
animated_sunglasses.gif12.5 Dress for the Weather
francemap.jpg12.6 Météo
Download overview of unit as a pdf:

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Click for website to support pronunciation of weather vocabulary

Extension - the water cycle in French